Gmail Icon Installer

Gmail Icon Installer 1.0

This program installs a Gmail shortcut in your desktop

Supposedly, this program installs a shortcut in your desktop to open your Gmail inbox automatically. Nevertheless, the truth is that it opens the URL first, and then redirects you to your inbox, probably to artificially generate traffic to the Iconomize website to make people think that it is a popular website. The fact that the shortcut opens a commercial webpage before going to your private inbox sounds pretty risky to me.

Besides that, the program is redundant, since anybody with minimal computer skills can create his/her own shortcut, not only to Gmai, but to any webpage he/she chooses. To do so, you only need to right-click on your desktop and choose the "New" option on the drop down menu. Then, click on the "Shortcut". A dialog box will open, asking you to type or browse the location of the item you want to tie your shortcut to. Instead of browsing an internal item, you can type the to go to your inbox, provided that you have logged in and leave your session open. You can type any other URL too. As you can see, you don't need this program at all.

Nevertheless, if you decide to install the icon anyway, you can modify the URL so it cannot redirect you from Iconomize. Simply right-click on the icon and choose Properties, Then, delete the URL that appears and types the one I mentioned earlier.

The only advantage of this program is that it is absolutely free.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The program is free to download and install


  • Supposedly, the icon opens your Gmail inbox automatically, but it opens the website first
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